Logo Design Tring

What is logo design?

Logo is a generic industry term used to describe a symbol, a brand, emblem or monogram that graphically represents a company product or organisation. Effective logos are unique in design and relevant to the businesses or products they represent.

The different forms of logos can collectively be more accurately described as Brand Marks. A brand mark may consist of a logotype, a symbol, a monogram or combinations of these. Logotype is the name given to stylised words and letters, a symbol is a graphically simplified and abstracted pictorial icon and a monogram is a device made from interconnected letter forms.

essense is experienced at creating strong, simple, idea based brand marks that are carefully crafted to maximise impact whilst remaining easy to reproduce across diverse communications.

essense designs logos for businesses in Buckingham and the surrounding areas of Amersham, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Berkhamsted, Bicester, Birmingham, Chesham, Didcot, Borehamwood, Gerrards Cross, Hemel Hempstead, London, Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Newbury, Oxford, Rickmansworth, Thame, Slough, Tring, Hillingdon, Watford, Northampton.